The joy of hierarchical menus

You wouldn’t believe the happiness of a hierarchical menu in an office package capable of competing with #Office!!!

Sure, it takes  awhile to learn where the commands are, but they are  alwaysthere. I don’t have to constantly fight the interface,  creating custom tabs, nor giving up my valuable screen real-estate to a useless ribbon,  different from app to app. 

Thank you  #Libre-Office. For a $10.00  donation a download it is cheap. They will even let you have for free. 

Now if the would only add a #OneNote app with macros, and a #Visio  compatible app. 


@microsoft Windows Updates

Guys i’m really getting M A D at the new cycle sof updates. Not only are my systems rebooting almost on a daily basis, ok maybe I exaggerate, but you get the point, but changes to the registry I make are reversed, my settings changed to the pitifully space interface and my gadgets removed. 

Let me tell you something, I like my gadgets, even if you’ve  managedto  exterminate thurouly experienced the heart-ache of the Spartan Universal apps, and I will no longer waste any time on them. 

So, where are you taking #Windows?

If you are trying to dumb it down, there are !Cr devices. And if so does that mean there will only be three real DOS’s left?  #Linux and #BSD?


@timcook and the iphone JIS model

Tim, #apple, I am very disappointed. I’ve always been able to update our iPhones by ordering by 07:00 on the pre-release morning. One year I slept late, but was able to call Best Buy and Reserve our phones then pick them up after work that same evening. 

This year is a dud. It is October 8th, and the closest date I get is eight weeks. Let me help with the math, that’s December 8th, maybe. For cash on the barrel. 

It sure does not say much for Apple’s famous JIT manufacprocessprocess. 

So @timcook are you telling me I should wait for the iPhone 8, or iphone X?  Or you think there is a chance for other rmanufactures finally. 

Yours truly


IT #Agile, #Flexible, #Multi-Discipline, #DevOps

All of the above pseudo-embelishments have one thing in common:  M E D I O C R I T Y ! ! !

Don’t be fooled by the pundits of mediocrity.   One person, one machine, one chip cannot excell in multiple disciplines at the same time. That is what these pundits espouse by telling management they can pay one person to handle systems, databases, development and operations, in addition to web development.

As a result we can find a plethora of confusing web applications, which cause us to expand time in figuring out how to make them work, or adapt them to what they were never designed to do.

That is not productivity;  it isn’t financial savings; it isn’t smart strategy or tactics. It is only M E D I O C R I T Y ! ! !