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Prosumer Digital Camera User Interface Mis-Designs

This article I will only discuss Digital (still) Cameras targeted to the prosumer market segment. Although, I must note that many later professional models are showing the same short-sighted design flaws. The flaw is the lack of a workable view finder. I will discuss as follows.

I happened to buy a Canon G7X for reason’s I will not describe here. The G7X is a nice prosumer/enthusiast Compact Digital, without a view-finder. It has a nice, on paper, LED screen to view and review images. I found that to be the major issue with the camera. If you are shooting in daylight, especially with the sun behind your back, you can’t see the screen. Even if you are not shooting in bright light, there is a lag between what the lens sees, and what the screen displays. I tried to follow a squirrel, and a few planes coming at, and across me for a landing. No good; the display was not fast enough to allow me to frame the shot.

As should mention, I bought my wife an SX-620, with no view-finder, but a big zoom; What does she use? Her iPhone.

So it seems to me that camera vendors should take a queue from my experience. Keep the display, but bring back the view-finder.

Cameras’ and gear

#Canon sliding to irrelevance?

Here is feedback I sent to Canon about their prosummer line of high end Powershots:

You are quickly making yourselves irrelevant. You need a G3 X with the functionality of a G9 X, and quickly. And it should be integrally tied to my iPhone or other mobile device via Bluetooth LAN for GPS and time functions at a minimum. I would also suggest an EXIF editor app to save categories and pertinent details with the project in the camera. Include a UV filter and add other functions previously handled by lenses or filters and now provided by phone camera software. They can be extra charges.

Honestly, I’m done with lugging around bricks and backpacks. Give me something which fits in my pocket, which works in tandem with my phone, integrally, via bluetooth and apps.