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Prosumer Digital Camera User Interface Mis-Designs

This article I will only discuss Digital (still) Cameras targeted to the prosumer market segment. Although, I must note that many later professional models are showing the same short-sighted design flaws. The flaw is the lack of a workable view finder. I will discuss as follows.

I happened to buy a Canon G7X for reason’s I will not describe here. The G7X is a nice prosumer/enthusiast Compact Digital, without a view-finder. It has a nice, on paper, LED screen to view and review images. I found that to be the major issue with the camera. If you are shooting in daylight, especially with the sun behind your back, you can’t see the screen. Even if you are not shooting in bright light, there is a lag between what the lens sees, and what the screen displays. I tried to follow a squirrel, and a few planes coming at, and across me for a landing. No good; the display was not fast enough to allow me to frame the shot.

As should mention, I bought my wife an SX-620, with no view-finder, but a big zoom; What does she use? Her iPhone.

So it seems to me that camera vendors should take a queue from my experience. Keep the display, but bring back the view-finder.

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Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

I’ve been to the blossoms this past Tuesday, and last Saturday. Tuesday we went around the Tidal Basin, and I must say that the crowds were sparse, the trees in full bloom and beautiful.

I went to East Potomac Park yesterday, April 14th in order to see the Kwanzan cherry blossoms, which appear as small pink carnation, in pictures. I had an awesome (and tiring time) walking around most of East Potomac Park, but didn’t see any Kwanzan’s which are supposed to bloom about nine to twelve days behind the Yoshino’s. Yesterday, would have been about fourteen days after Yoshino Peak bloom. Unfortunately I did not find any Kwanzan’s. I did see three Kwanzan blossoms on the ground, which someone had thrown away, as I was walking to the Mandarin-Oriental, which I had parked my car. In hindsight, I should have taken a picture, but the were trodden on. Next year.

But if anyone wants to have a good time, drive and picnic at East Potomac Park. You can also fish, they tell me in high tide, and take your grill along, but I did not see any charcoal disposal stations.

Digital Magazines, eBooks and Audiobooks

Digital Rights Management

Although we can buy DRM free music, the same cannot be said for Digital magazines, many eBooks, and eMagazines. DRM continues to proliferate and get more restrictive.

For the record, I applaud an individual’s right to protect their spiritual works, and to profit by them. I will not get in to an argument about rights assingments, but simply the principal of the authors rights. 

I also believe in the right of purchase.

  • I do not rent a book, I buy it. 
  • I do not rent an LP or CD album, I buy it. 
  • I do not rent a magazine, I buy it. 
  • I do not rent a home, I buy it. 
  • As Microsoft states, I buy Office 365, even as in their evil empire tactics, they turn it off if I don’t pay every year. The mafia does something similar, I think they call it extortion. 

If I break any of these items, I repair, or buy new copies. I believe the same should be true for Digitized versions of the same items. 

If I wanted to rent, I would, and I should be held liable and pay the consequences for breaching distribution. 

Since I don’t rent, but buy, then I expect to own the package for ever, to pass it on to my inheritors/heirs, to resell, and be able to read and use that single copy as I see fit. 

And therein lies the problem. Some eMagazines have even gone the way of the web. If I want to read a magazine I own, I can only do so from a locked browser session and from their server. Doesn’t that mean I no longer own it?  If I can’t move the material from one digital storage location to another, to physically hold the media containing the works I’ve paid for, how is that ownership?

If I have a book or magazine, album, etc, I can hold the media and move it place to place. I am not necessarily reading it unless I open it and physically start reading, listening, or watching. But I have the freedom to move it, dust it, protect it, and if I take the time duplicate it in to my own medley selection an so forth. I can also sell it if I don’t want it any more. 

So how do my rights translate to DRM media?  Or worse, online, cloud media?

Is there a philosopher who can attempt an explanation?  A lawyer perhaps?

Apple Hardware

October 2016 Apple announcements

Is it just me, or is Apple reverting to gimmicks?  Touch bar so I can be a DJ and get cramps trying to jam all of my fingers on a four inch touch strip?

Let me see, who else can use it…

…I know, I could use it to replace the ribbon in Office…  Oh, I  don’t like the ribbon. 

Novel idea for sound, screen control, but not for apps.  And two of the four new models don’t have it.  I it time for Johnny to  head Special Projects?


The joy of hierarchical menus

You wouldn’t believe the happiness of a hierarchical menu in an office package capable of competing with #Office!!!

Sure, it takes  awhile to learn where the commands are, but they are  alwaysthere. I don’t have to constantly fight the interface,  creating custom tabs, nor giving up my valuable screen real-estate to a useless ribbon,  different from app to app. 

Thank you  #Libre-Office. For a $10.00  donation a download it is cheap. They will even let you have for free. 

Now if the would only add a #OneNote app with macros, and a #Visio  compatible app. 


@microsoft Windows Updates

Guys i’m really getting M A D at the new cycle sof updates. Not only are my systems rebooting almost on a daily basis, ok maybe I exaggerate, but you get the point, but changes to the registry I make are reversed, my settings changed to the pitifully space interface and my gadgets removed. 

Let me tell you something, I like my gadgets, even if you’ve  managedto  exterminate thurouly experienced the heart-ache of the Spartan Universal apps, and I will no longer waste any time on them. 

So, where are you taking #Windows?

If you are trying to dumb it down, there are !Cr devices. And if so does that mean there will only be three real DOS’s left?  #Linux and #BSD?


@timcook and the iphone JIS model

Tim, #apple, I am very disappointed. I’ve always been able to update our iPhones by ordering by 07:00 on the pre-release morning. One year I slept late, but was able to call Best Buy and Reserve our phones then pick them up after work that same evening. 

This year is a dud. It is October 8th, and the closest date I get is eight weeks. Let me help with the math, that’s December 8th, maybe. For cash on the barrel. 

It sure does not say much for Apple’s famous JIT manufacprocessprocess. 

So @timcook are you telling me I should wait for the iPhone 8, or iphone X?  Or you think there is a chance for other rmanufactures finally. 

Yours truly