My name is Anastasios Papadopoulos.  My nickname is Tas, you can find it in my first name if you count from the fifth letter.  70Tas was my Operations & Support id on the mainframe I began my career on, a Honeywell Information Systems H2000.  Ergo, 70tas.

There is a new address for the Podium:
http://podium.70tas.us, although the old address will still work (70tas.wordpress.com).

I have worked in EDP, ADP, DP, MIS, IS, IT all of my life.  I actually started school with programming (COBOL/RPG), but moved on to the Operations’ side of the house.  I started with mainframes, then went to minis (Unix and MPE), then LAN’s.  The last ten years or so, I’ve been employed managing and “architecting” storage solutions for a media company.

The Podium is my way of expressing my opinions, my gripes, and some information which may be helpful to others.  (But first, I need to figure out how WordPress organizes information).

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