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#SURVEILLANCE #Precedent set by #APPLE

The precedent set by Apple with the on-device scanning via a root kit, aka virus, has caused me much consternation. I am not an ultra-rightist, I consider myself a Reagan left of center republican.

But not one computing device, until now has used my personal #PC, #MOBILE, to scan my data, on my device, without my consent. Except for #virus and #rootkits that is.

I don’t mind Apple scanning #iCloud data on their computers and on their dime. I’ve always considered data in the cloud to be scanned by vendors, either for advertising opportunities or to help #government agencies; I actually have no problem with that.

But I lock my home, I’ve “Pledged (my) allegiance to our flag and the republic it stands for.” I expect, even legal, entities to obtain warrants before coming in to my house to search. Isn’t that one of the reasons for our revolt against Britain?

My computing devices are sacrosanct and I consider them my home. What gives #Apple the right to ignore our #Constitution and #civilliberties?

Even if the reason was to protect children, aka #CSAM, our Constitution forbids that kind of surveillance on our property. But I do not believe Apple and #Tim_Cook s claims.

#Google, #Microsoft, and come to find out Apple, have been scanning their clouds for ever, in the cloud, on their dime. Now Apple wants to scan for CSAM on our devices via a #virus. What would be next?

I’m afraid once we accept the EULA, all bets are off. #Miranda states, “you have a right to remain silent, else anything you say can and will be used against you.” I believe there is also a precedent in that we have the right to confront our accuser.

Who is our accuser? When will Apple, once they have the root kit in place, decide to start scanning our credit cards, checking accounts for suspicious activities? How about our PDF’s, documents, spreadsheets web viewing history? (By the way, they already have our viewing histories).

How long until nefarious organizations, figure out and hijack the scanning engine for their purposes?

And the cat is out of the bag, or Pandora’s box has now been opened. Tim Cook’s and Apple’s legacy will not be of the greatness achieved by their products, but by their greed and the selling out of their customers.

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