My Rants

Stop #Apple surveillance while you think about the consequences

Apple wants to scan your ‘#photos’ only for child abuse material. Not on #iCloud, if you are replicating there, but on your #iPhone, #iPad and Mac; without our permission, but behind our backs.

They say that scanning by a hash, searching for known child abuse images will help protect kids? Please explain how? If these are existing images, they are all in the past. How will that protect kids from abuse, if they’re searching for abuse that has already happened?

Why? If a #police organization wanted to do it, they would need to get a judicial warrant. Of course your data is supposed to be #encrypted, and Apple has been saying for years that they couldn’t because they don’t have access.

So how will they get around it? By installing a #rootkit, aka a #virus on our devices that we can’t control and have no idea what it does or will do.

That isn’t such a great idea. These United States are of America, not Apple. Such invasion of privacy is beyond even the legislative branch of government, but apparently #Tim_Cook thinks he is our dictator.

Is there a chance for reprieve? NO. Tim Cook and Apple are notorious for their obstinacy. They’ve been doing this in #iCloud since 2019, yet now they need to scan our photos on our devices. And, they’ve already been scanning on our devices since iOS 14.

So what gives? Does Apple really need to scan our photos on our devices, but only if we replicate to #iCloud? Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

I suggest the back door to our data is in preparation for scanning and reading all files and data, not photos. have you heard of data lakes and big data? Are they trying for bragging rights? That doesn’t make any sense.

So why would Apple want our data? Well let’s see, I keep most of my documents, bank accounts, family, friends, contracts, bills…. You may have guessed it, on these devices. How valuable would that be to compete against oogle? How useful for three letter organizations? And believe me, I don’t blame these organizations, that is their job. But why does Apple want to be the police?

I am not prepared to let Apple search #myhouse. When I leave I lock the doors, and I keep my valuables locked. I don’t want to let anyone have a key so they can search for #CSAM. Because, ultimately that is not their intention, it is simply a banner they thought they could rally the populace around.

Dear Tim, can I come searching through your house any time I want? I promise, it will only be for CSAM, to protect the kids. I may search through your files, but I promise, I will not remember or share your accounts, financial information or other non-CSM relevant data.

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