My Rants

Caution with @Acronis #True_Image_2021

#Backup software #destroys #backups

There is a change in ATI 2021 which will cause data loss with your backups. Forewarned is forearmed.

In the last version I used, ATI 2016, on my Windows 8.1 Pro workstation, I took an image backup of my C: drive to a USB WD Duo Book, in an acr_img directory, weekly. I occasionally created an Acronis Recovery Image on an 8GB USB thumb drive, so if I lost the C: drive, I could boot up from the RECOVERY USB and restore my hard drive from the DuoBook image.

At some point last year, Acronis stopped working. It would start, and I could see the schedule, but did not notice the actual backup would hang on startup. I understand that, as the OS changed the software for one reason or another failed.

I decided to upgrade to the latest version, since I also needed to clone my boot SSD to a newer drive. My old boot were two Samsung EVO 840 1TB, in a RaI’d 0 array via an Intel Rste, south bridge going out of support. My new SSD is a single EVO 860 4TB.

So I upgraded to ATI2021, entered my old and new keys and looked forward to five more years of data protection. First thing ATI did was offer a system backup. (Perhaps I should have considered that it hadn’t picked up my old jobs suspect, but that is water under the bridge). But it found my DuoBook and then suggested I should take recovery Images to a single USB or thumb drive. Since it found the Duo with my old images, and had also scanned the thumb drive, (I saw the light flash), I felt comfortable it was using the older configuration.

I said sure, but could not configure my thumb drive anywhere in the new section of software. It told me that if the drive was formatted, it would create a small partition to hold the recovery image. Ok, new software new way of doing things.

I clicked OKAY and looked for the thumb drive to start flashing. It flashed nice and went out. The console log kept logging what it had written. At some point I opened Windows Explorer, and looked for my DOROS_RCVRY disc. Funny it was there but all data was older.

That’s when I noticed my “bk11” disk as drive Y: no longer existed. I opened it to find it had gone from a 14TB to a 7TB DISC. Disk Manager showed a a 2GB, a 7TB and an unallocated area. I stopped the backup, but by then it was too late.

@ACRONIS had quick deleted my existing 14TB volume on the duo, THEN CREATED AND FORMATTED ITS OWN PARTITION. My backup data was gone… And #ACRONIS_TRUE_IMAGE_2021 did all this without a care about my backups or existing data; no warnings, no prompts. Oh I forgot, it did ask me if I wanted to rent #Acronis_cloud space for my backups, and I said no. Perhaps this was #payback @Acronis?

Am I upset? You bet. How the hell could @ACRONIS quality control, #QA, let this monstrosity out the door? is anyone left at #ACRONIS or is all development now contracted to Mars in the Martian Cloud?


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