IT #Agile, #Flexible, #Multi-Discipline, #DevOps

All of the above pseudo-embelishments have one thing in common:  M E D I O C R I T Y ! ! !

Don’t be fooled by the pundits of mediocrity.   One person, one machine, one chip cannot excell in multiple disciplines at the same time. That is what these pundits espouse by telling management they can pay one person to handle systems, databases, development and operations, in addition to web development.

As a result we can find a plethora of confusing web applications, which cause us to expand time in figuring out how to make them work, or adapt them to what they were never designed to do.

That is not productivity;  it isn’t financial savings; it isn’t smart strategy or tactics. It is only M E D I O C R I T Y ! ! !

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