Dear Tim, @tim_cook

I am frustrated by the fact that Apple appears to be neglecting the Pay sector of your business. It was very exciting but I have some issues with it, probably vendor issues, but one which I think Apple should pursue. 

  1. Some McD’s don’t even know they have it. I have to tell them to pick up the reader and bring it close to me so I can pay. I’ve seen one case where it was attached to the table and they couldn’t bring it closer
  2. Some HomeD’s have it and I’ve used it to pay thousands of dollars in transactions. The store close to me, even though e-Pay is on the terminal, doesn’t know what e-Pay is and when I tried it, it didn’t work. 
  3. And there are some retailers terminals, who after using Apple Pay, require my Debit card pin, and here is the best part, wait for it… Print out a receipt for me to sign, for a ten dollar purchase. 

Please help these lost souls…

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