Cloudy weekend in the Cloud

Saturday started as a beautiful fall day, until I tried to play some #Apple_Music. Nada, no music. Ok then tried to get some #Kindle eBooks. I was able to buy them but the downloads started and froze at zero bytes. After repeated attempts I gave up. 

Thought I’d go shopping on #Amazon. No deal there either, I was able to place my same day items in my cart, but order just would not go through. Spent an hour trying to get Amzon support. Call-back, their standard modus operandi was not available. Calling them got me a warning that I had a long wait, then “please call back later”. 

Anyone here about their DynamoDB troubles?  Can you figure out what that other white logo’d fruit shape may be hosted by them?  But I’m sure it was only a coincidence. 

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