HP Hardware, Laptops and Two-in-ones

What’s with HP tablets and laptops?

it isn’t time to retool as they’ve been telling us through the last four or five CEO’s.   Then what is it?

I own and have owned Compaq/HP laptops for as long as I can remember. They are not haute, but they have been solid performers. My current is a quad i7 Haswel.

But HP is behind and getting farther behind:

  • Battery life
  • Battery size, can’t get bigger batteries any more
  • BIOS locked down;  simple features can only be enabled on the Business line, even if my consumer laptop cost over $2,000
  • Screen resolution is still stuck at a maximum is 1920×1080, and can’t be seen outdoors unless you turn the brightness up all the way, ergo 50 minutes battery life
  • Touch screens are a premium;  pen screens are non-existent
  • Weight, generally they could be used to anchor a cruise ship

Even the new Spectre 360, which I would have loved to own is limited to:

  • Small screen
  • No pen
  • Limited Memory
  • One size fits all battery
  • Duo core M series CPU
  • 1920×1080 dpi

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