My Rants

Apple watch

Well Mr Tim Cook, it’s like this:

  • I need a watch to tell time. 
  • I need a watch that syncs time over Bluetooth with my iPhone
  • I need a watch that auto-sets DST. 
  • I need a watch I don’t have to take off and charge every 18 hours. (What happens if I want to go out one night…). I actually only take mine off to shower.  And why can’t it charge itself from ambient light, oh wizards of Greeness?
  • I need a watch I can use as a compass, a barometer and a temperature device. 
  • If it has GPS and can summon help in the boondocks that would be a plus

The rest are frills.

I have never spent more than $250 for a watch in the last twenty years;  two solar powered, just got the second one because my wife complained the old one wasn’t shiny any more. 

But that’s just me. I don’t think I’ll be buying an Apple Watch, thank you very much. 

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