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iTunes 12 now a work of Abstract Art @tim_cook

Well, I guess it was bound to happen.  It appears that all of the folks responsible for the Windows 8 boondoggle are now working for Apple, at least on iTunes.

The new version is a classic work of abstract art.  You look at it, and look at it, and search it, and you still can’t use it.  Imagine the simplicity of copying items to a device:

Select the items

  1. Click and hold, then start dragging left (not right, not up, not down)
  2. A blue box will automagically appear and you can then drop your items wherever you want
  3. But don’t try it with a shared library;  it won’t work

Wasn’t that as intuitive as moving your mouse below the lower left corner of your screen to get a menu?

Of course, let me not forget the new model of help in iTunes;  you look up “compilations” and you get… nada.  You look up how to modify album an song info and you get:

  • Select Get Info…
  • Make changes to the details

Doesn’t that sound like the new MS Windows help?

@tim_cook Please check what is happening, you are going down the Windows 8 route

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