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Looks like #Zinio may be packing it up…

Zinio, the best digital magazine experience available on all major platforms,  may be packing it up.  I noticed one of my auto-renewing subscriptions stopped deliveries in July.  I tried to get the Support number to call, but that no longer exists on the iOS app, or the web site.  The direct you to a link at the bottom of the web page, which is non-existent.  The only way to contact them is via web form, which have.

However, I tried calling the corporate number, during business hours.  Not a human to be found;  I even tried to get corporate sales and was told via an announcement that the best way to reach them was via a special eMail address.  If they don’t even man a sales line, things can’t be good.

I’ll be sorry to see them go.

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