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The Surface Pro 3, #3

Here is an Intel comparison of the CPUs in the various models of the SP3:
SP3 CPU Comparison

From what I see, the i3 is brain dead. There is no turbo boost, and it runs the slowest of the three. As far as pricing is concerned, at $799 base and with only 64GBs of RAM AND LESS THAN 50GBs usable, I’d opt for an iPad Air.

The i7 appears to be slightly better in turbo mode than the i5, but slower by 200Mhz in standard operations. At $1,549/1,949 depending on 256GBs versus 512GBs, minus about 50GBs for the OS it is very pricy. Consider also that it does not include O365 or the keyboard cover.

Which brings us to the i5. The i5 has a faster base rate, with a slightly lesser turbo than the i7 models. It also has a slightly lesser GPU, but both run at the same exact rates. At $1,299, the i5 with 256GBs seems to be the best value of the three. If Microsoft considered throwing in a full copy of O365 and a keyboard, I’d be awfully tempted to go get one.

Which brings me to thought for future… The Metro/Modern UI sucks as bad as a mint julep through a straw with a hole in it. I’ve had to use it on \\Doros, my new uber box, but that is another topic.

I have a few apps on my iPad which have become indispensable, like PressReader, GoodReader and iWorks, and I’m sure there are more. But again, that’s another topic.

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