Canon, for shame on you

I’ve been eagerly waiting for a pocket sized #Canon high end camera with raw abilities. So Canon releases the G1 X Mark II. I think it is a little large but so be it. I would have been ready to get one but for two issues:

1. Battery life is atrociously low
2. Unbelievably they left it with a 5X optical zoom

So they have non-raw cameras with up to 50X optical zoom but they couldn’t provide a better zoom on their highest end Powershot?

And what did they do as a follow-on to the S120? They have us the dud is the S200.

Perhaps they are waiting for a mobile phone to bring the feature to market first. Or perhaps they don’t want to cannibalize their lens business.

I don’t care either way, I’m not buying another bulky SLR. My next buy will be slightly larger than an S120 but smaller than a Gx. I want full features, including a usable Wifi with my devices, a minimum 10X optical zoom, if not more, a C size sensor, wide angle and full raw capabilities, a la the G1 X Mark II.

So #Canon, do you want to end up in the history books? Look around you, many of the historical Giants are struggling to survive.

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