My next Desktop: Windows 8x or else, #1

Ok so Blue, aka Windows 8.1 gave us a START button. But not a start menu. MS still appears bent on getting rid of the desktop, and replacing it with a single full screen App window, a la MS-DOS with multi-tasking. I can see rotating through sixty full screen apps on my 27″ screen to find the app I want to work on. This should be good for Doctors, a new specialty to treat touch screen syndromes.

Forget about customizing your themes; and don’t even try finding settings, they are all over the place, either in a
Charm or in an obfuscated new structure which does nothing for functionality.

Do you have a lot of applications? Get ready to scroll horizontally to the right, while trying to find your app; yeah, I know, I can search, but that is dependent on me remembering the exact name of the shortcut I am looking for. Oh and don’t pause too long while scrolling, the scroll bars disappear. Same with the App Store, get ready to scroll horizontally for infinity…

Oh sure, there are third party apps I can get to restore the functionality I had in Windows/XP/7. Why should I have to get a third party app to restore functionality I have today?

And as for the desktop corners… Let’s see, app switcher top left, start menu bottom left, charms, bottom right… Why not Control Panel top two inches from the left, Display setting two inches to the right of that, hey task manager all four corners simultaneously!

Can you see if automotive companies adopt this metaphor? No more buttons and labels, top left windscreen corner for lights, once for running, once for low beam, once for high beam. You want windshield wipers, swipe from left to right in three inch increments for each intermittent setting. You want continuous operation, swipe all the way to the right side of the windscreen. Oh, want to activate the horn? Press and hold with your middle finger in the center of the windscreen two seconds and as long as you want the horn to sound. Oh By the way, may as well bend over and kiss your tush goodbye.

And what happens in MS-Window v10 when there is no more desktop? Fun…

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