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iOS 7 Home Screen Editing is limited, in worse ways in iTunes #2

Following up on my last post about iOS 7 Home Screen Editing limitations, I thought that using iTunes would make for a better experience.  And it does, since I am more adept, more accurate and faster with a mouse than the touch editor.  However, iTunes (Windows) did not cooperate.  It appears that iTunes has worse Home Screen Editor problems than iOS 7.

  1. The buffer is definitely smaller;  you can go about four or five changes at most before you have to APPLY, or the iTunes Home Screen Editor goes to lunch.  Usually, you double click to open a screen or menu item and it simply sits there, looking back at you.
  2. If you try to drag and drop from one Home Screen Menu to another sub-menu that is not displayed in the window, you can’t nudge your mouse to the bottom of the scroll list to have it scroll down.  So you are limited to moving apps between menus, but not sub-menus.  You then have to revert to your iPhone to organize your sub-menus.
  3. If you have multiple Home screens and are moving apps between menus between the multiple screens, after about two or three moves, you promote the Home screen and Menu you want to move the app from and click and hold to select it, but it doesn’t select that item.  It selects an item one or two positions to the right of the one you clicked on.  If you’ve already moved some items from the left side of the menu, you can’t select the items remaining on the right side of the menu by clicking and holding on them.  You must click and hold one or two app positions to the left of the app you want to move in order to select it, and move it to a different Home Screen and menu.

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