Evaluating Windows 8.1 cont’d

Okay, so I managed to get rid of the modeless popup, not quite sure how, but it is gone. So I when I installed Windows 8.1, I used a local account.
I tried to go to the Windows Store to check out some apps. More frustration:

  1. First, I searched for “Microsoft Corporation” to list MS apps
  2. I found some I wanted to install, so I clicked on the first one, and selected Install.
  3. It told me I had to switch user accounts; What??? I have to switch user accounts, why? So it appears that the former Metro/Modern UI, requires an Outlook address to access the store. The question is, Is my Modern UI now logged in as the Outlook address or did it just login to the store as the Outlook address. I ran ‘whoami’ on the desktop, and I am still logged in as the local Windows account, but those messages in the Modern UI said I had to SWITCH accounts.  I can’t figure out how to check the Modern UI’s account, yet.
  4. Next, I saw Studio Express and tried to install it. Guess what, you can’t install that from the store because it is a Desktop application. In place of the Install icon, you get a note to install it from the vendor’s web site.
  5. And finally the horizontal scrolling, really has to go, or at least needs some modifications:
    1. On a full HD  screen, I only got two lines of icons
    2. In order to scroll, I have to hover my mouse at the bottom of the screen to make the scrollbar appear;  if I dawdle too long, the scrollbar disappears, and I have to move my mouse up and back down again to make the scroll back appear
    3. Then if I click on the scrollbar to scroll right or left, the Modern UI is not smart enough to stop the scroll on the boundary between icons;  instead I end up on a partial icon, and then have to fine scroll to see the entire icon.  That is totally unacceptable.


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