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My feedback on iOS 7

I have an iPad 3, and an iPhone 5.  I’ve installed iOS 7 on both.

Generally I like the improvements that iOS 7 has brought.  There are some items, I am not happy with however, especially on my iPhone 5 (I also have an iPad 3):

 1. Bright background colors on home menu icons The bright colors make it very difficult to distinguish the application thumbnails Perhaps next version, Apple could allow changing the menu icon background colors manually  

2. Really thin fonts The thin fonts make my eyes hurt;  I have trouble trying to read the home menu icon text;  the same for the time on the lock screen Perhaps next version, Apple will allow changing of fonts or at least font sizes/boldness so we can read the screen without squinting

3. Stick symbol icons, i.e. in Safari, Mail and other apps Not as bad as the my other complaints, but again, it makes it difficult to ascertain the purpose of the symbols, because I can’t see them without concentrating

One thought on “My feedback on iOS 7

  1. For some reason WordPress lost my comment entry:

    So here is how I fixed my issues with iOS 7. It isn’t that the settings aren’t there, it is that they are placed under Accessibility. Here is what I did:

    1. Open Control/Genera/Accessibility

    That’s it. Now the background home icons don’t blind me, the colors are subdued and actually change with the overall colors of the thumbnails within each icon. And I can read text comfortably. Text size can also be increased or decreased.
    The only thing I haven’t been able to change is the line weight of the command icons in applications (the stick figures). Have I mentioned how much I hate stick figures?

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