Your reading from a Windows fanboy

So I’ve been involved with computers since the mid 70’s. I started on Hollerith card reading monsters and grew with them before going to minis and then micros. Although I was a CP/M fan, all business micros I used were IBM and compatibles.

So I’ve been using MS OS’s for a long time and generally liking them. I was never much of an Apple II fan… I loved the Apple III, unfortunately it didn’t stick around. When Lisa was released I was there, same with the Mac. I thought they were slow, underpowered and under performing and couldn’t be networked. And they were difficult to use to boot.

When Windows 1.0 was released I tried it. It was better than anything else on the scene and could be networked, almost. Actually MSDOS was networked and Windows rode on DOS’ coat tails. About the same time digital Research released GEM, a GUI for DOS, but it didn’t multi-task and the only business app that ran under it was Ventura Publisher. Windows was slowly improving and by 2.11 I finally converted to Windows full time, albeit as a multi-tasker for DOS apps.

Windows for Workgroups 3.11 was a dream and we finally got enough traction for a few companies to start looking at Windows ports of their DOS and UNIX applications. Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows XP were all good releases. And then there was Vista… Enough said.

So the way I see it, MS went on to another relatively good release in Windows 7. Life was good, then they had to fix what was not broken. And that’s how we’ve arrived to Windows 8.

No to Windows 8 on my micro-computer. No to Windows 8 on my PC.

One thought on “Your reading from a Windows fanboy

  1. What is it about Win8 that you dislike so much? I made the switch a couple of months ago and I hated it at first, it all seemed so counter-intuitive and built for touch which I didn’t feel worked well on a laptop. Some time has passed, I’ve figured everything out and now I’m more than happy with it. I’d be interested to read a follow up blog on this.

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